If My Dockers Could Talk

I am a kind of person that really doesn't like to wear skirt or dresses often. You can only count with your fingers the dresses and skirts I own. I only wear skirt everyday when I was in high school because it is our uniform. When I was in College we don't have uniform so anything goes. When I was working in an office I was really glad that our office uniforms were all slacks. When I got here in the US my first job was in retail. We need to wear either a black pants or khaki pants only. I only got two pants that I always wear and one of which is a Dockers pants that you can picture below.

I love the fit of this pants and I can wear it with my sneakers or a ballet flat shoes. The fabric is very soft and comfortable and I feel light wearing it all day long climbing ladders to get merchandise from our stock room. It is a wash and wear pants for me. If only this Dockers pant of mine could talk, it would surely tell me to "get another one please and let me rest". But I am very impressed because even if I use it all the time, the fabric is still great and it still looks like new.

Do you have a story about your favorite Dockers pant? Because if you do, you can join a Dockers contest exclusively at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You only have to make a commercial using your Dockers pant story and voila you will have the chance to see your commercial during the show. So what are you waiting for? Start rolling the camera now!


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karab said...

Have you seen the latest Dockers contest submission? It's hysterical!


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