12 Month Well Baby Check

Yesterday our DD had her 12 months well baby check up. My concern about her slow weight gain was reassured by the Pedia that she is doing great with her milestones. Her very petite frame she got from Mommy :-)

Anyways, this morning when we were at the hospital we have three appointments. First we went to the developmental pediatric clinic because she will have urine test. A catheter must be put in to drain her urine into a sterilized cup. I was thinking it will give her pain but it really didn't take long and there's only pressure as the nurse said. Afterwards we went to the pharmacy and got her iron supplement. I was glad I took a number first to queue at the pharmacy before going to the pedia clinic because the wait is very long. When we went to the pharmacy we still waited for about 30 minutes before our number was called.

We had lunch at the lounge area of the hospital before we went to the family clinic for the well baby check. She also received 3 shots, Hib; Measles, Mumps and Rubella and Chicken Pox. I really hate to see her being in pain but she needs it. Everything went well and I am glad she is okay and did not develop fever this time.



Mariuca said...

He he, I'm sure ur daughter will appreciate inheriting her mommy's petite frame when she gets older. Glad to hear everything is okay. Have a great weekend Bless! :)

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