DD is Fine

In my previous post about Rashes, it just disappeared as soon as I changed our beddings and washed it with her laundry soap. I also vacuumed and cover the carpet with newly washed comforters. I did not allow her to crawl anywhere except where I put the comforter. I think there are minute dust mites or whatever in the carpet. I already scheduled for a steam carpet cleaner to clean the entire apartment. I think this is the downside having a wall to wall carpet and you have a little one because you can't really see what's behind the carpet and all. I vacuumed all the time but still the dust accumulation everyday is horrible. That is why when we move later on I will make sure we will have hardwood floor instead of wall to wall carpeting.



Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Bless...

I've been waiting for this update since I read about her rashes. It's good to hear that the rashes are gone now.

Since she's almost walking, it won't be long before her crawling days are gone.

Take care..


Lou said...

That's a good idea!


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