Wow, I got a ton to iron; baby clothes, linens and my clothes. It's been a month since I last ironed and now it's piling up I can't keep up. I wish I have an effective tool to iron it quick and fast. I know of a certain iron/steam iron, I think it is Tobi. I don't know if it is really very effective. I wanted to have one but I am afraid to buy it I will disappoint myself. Does any of you used or have that household staple? If so, I hope you can give me your own review of this thing.



Ritchiela said...

How busy that life is...

My husband does the ironing for his uniforms,hahaha.I only iron mine when going out or when there is a need...tapulan nga asawa!

Take care and regards to Shay-shay!

Dette said...

I never iron.

Scratch that.

I rarely iron. I hate ironing!

But man - I saw that Tobi thing you were talking about... if you get it, you HAVE to tell us if it worked for you!

I'd be all over that - good luck with the ironing!

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