No Period

I am kind of alarmed because I still don't have my monthly period until now. It will be more than a year already. As a matter of fact be 2 years in August that I haven't have my menstrual cycle. I already forgot how it feel like having one :-) Anyways, I am still breastfeeding until now that is why. My OB told me that I will have it if my baby stops BF already. I just wanna ask the mommies who have gone through this. Should I be worried when the time it comes back? What are the possible preparations or the things that I should when I will have it. Hope I get infos from ya' all:-)



JO said...

I don't remember not having my period while breastfeeding... but I only did breastfeeding for 2 full months.

Mimi said...

Hi Bless! My friend experienced the same thing. She never had any period since she got pregnant for the first time and until her 3rd child. In my case, I had my period a month after I gave birth to Miriam. I never experienced missing a period since then and pssttt (ato ato rani lol) I am still bf Miriam when I put her to sleep. I tried to wean her but my hubby told me not to do it until Miriam will stop it. If your doctor said that what you are experiencing right now about the period thingy is just normal, then there's nothing to worry about it. I hope you're going to have your period so soon. Take care my friend. God bless you and your family!

Tess said...

na ako ani 3 weeks na ako period, absin haoit na ko menopause ani, LOL! Bitaw Bless, unsaon man na pagkahibalo kung safe ka or not if wala ka mag mens? Na, i hope there is nothing to worry about. Belated Happy Moms' Day! Happy Birthday pod diay, hehe!

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