P. Diddy - Da da di

I was watching Ellen show this morning and one of her guests was Sean P. Diddy Combs. When he came out from the back stage a music was on and our Darling Daughter stood up right away in her favorite corner of the end table. I was doing something at the computer so I had my back on her. Then I heard her bubbling. I looked at her and she was watching so intently at the television then muttering da-da-di for 3 times :-) She was very cute to look at. And when I told her "what are you talking about, that's not daddy", she got down right away and crawled towards me. It's very funny because she don't have any memory of her daddy's looks except for the photos in the photo album that I keep showing to her. Maybe in her child's eyes she thinks her Daddy looks like P. Diddy :-)



paolo said...

cute story

Emila Yusof said...

What a cute girl! Well, I think her daddy looks a bit like P.Diddy (from the photo on the sidebar)!

I've got an award for you: http://emilayusof.com/?p=1426

Happy Mother's Day in advance!

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