Shiloh's Doctor's Visit

This morning we went to the hospital for our DD's doctor's appointment. It's not her 12 month appointment yet. It was a follow up with her weight check every month. The Pedia just wanted to make sure that she is okay despite her slow weight gain. It has been my concern ever since she was born. The doctor said that she is doing fine and assured me that since I am very petite, my baby gets her size from me.

Today she had blood works done. It was heart breaking when the blood was drawn from her tiny arm. She was crying and I was closed to crying as well. Dr. DG was at my side also holding our DD along with the 3 nurses. After the blood was drawn I hugged her and she stopped crying. Her Pedia asked me if I want to have her immunized today but I decided to have it on Wednesday because she just have too much of the needle in one day.



Tahn said...

That must have been heartbreaking :(

geri said...

I remember Evan having his blood drawn from his arm too, it was worse than the injections.

Shiloh will be fine. There was a period (I think when Evan was 13 months) when Evan didn't grow or gain for like 3 months that we had to sked a doctors visit after 6 weeks to see if he was fine. He eventually made up for it on the 15th month.

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