Sleeping Time

I am noticing starting 2 days before our DD's first birthday her sleeping time changes. Usually she goes to sleep at night after 9PM and there are times until 10PM or 11PM. This was so because she take 2 naps in a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. There are times she will take her nap around 6pm that she will not sleep early then. Then as I've said 2 days before her birthday she would start to get cranky if she won't be able to sleep early that is around 8PM. I love the idea that she now sleeps early. I am crossing my fingers that this will be a regular schedule. Even if she have 2 naps in a day she still sleeps before 9PM. There are still time she asks for breast milk at least twice at night. She wakes up in the morning around 8AM and 9AM but after breakfast she will still feel sleepy and I put her back to sleep.



Merydith said...

Bless it was also after Kiko's first birthday that he has been sleeping through the night and going to bed early. Love it.

lis said...

hello, hopping time! wish you have a gloriuos weekend.

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