Teaching a Child

We often hear or read that you can start teaching your baby even if he or she is still in the womb. When I was pregnant I was still going to school and even have a schedule final exam on my due date which of course I made pre arrangement to take my finals before the due date. But since our DD came early I was still able to take my finals on time. So while I was going to school, my classmates, some of them are Moms already, told me that my baby will be smart because I am reading and studying especially that we were taking up Anatomy and Physiology.

Now that I realize how important it is to communicate to our children even if they don't respond yet properly because they are still babies, but whatever you constantly do, read and teach them will be ingrained in them and while growing up they will develop recognition of things easily. I am now trying my best to read to her more because I am so slacking in this part. Now that she is almost a year old, she already listens to what I am telling her. I find it very fascinating teaching a very dependent individual.



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