What's Bugging Your Baby

There are times that I get frustrated especially if our DD is cranky and I don't know what she is feeling. The frustration is more on worry side of what could have been bothering her or what is bugging her that she won't stop wailing. As mother's instinct we tend to check right away if out babies are wet, starving, or something bit her, and other usual things that might have caused her irritation.

I have read at Parents magazine some of the usual suspects that we might have been missed, as Mommies, why our beloved sons and daughter won't stop crying:

"Would you please take off this sweater?" - Maybe they are over-dressed or under-dressed - make sure that they are not hot or cold. Dress them appropriately and consider the weather and temperature of the place.

"Can't we all just get along?" - Constant arguments of the parents can also affect them. So create a soothing environment amidst the chaos of caring for a new baby.

"I'm totally stressed out!" - Too much of noise, movement or light can stress them out. This is over stimulation to their young comprehension. Be attentive on your baby's breaking point and don't expose them to these factors.

"My tummy hurts!" - Please pay attention to what you give to your babies. Some babies are sensitive to formula, they may be constipated or have a hard time passing gas, just like our DD :-). Burping really helps in reducing stomach discomfort. If our DD have the hard time to pass gas, I play with her "criss-cross apple sauce" while massaging her tummy, this I learned in a Yoga exercise to help in digestive function.

"Ouch I'm being pinched!" - Your tiny one might feel something is pinching her like loose hair or thread wrapped in her tiny toes and fingers, clothing tag that is poking her back. So you have to undress her/his and check everything.

"I'm feeling lonely over here!" - This is very true when our kids is at the age of 6 to 9 months where it starts the separation anxiety stage. If you leave them alone expect a wail. So try to leave them with toys or in an activity center and if the wail won't stop get back at them and give them love plus explaining that you will not leave them and you are just doing something. Even if they don't understand you, your mere presence helps a lot in assuring them that they are not alone.

"I'm starving!" - Our baby don't know how to say they're hungry so they just cry. If they are going through a growth spurt, they always ask for food even if you just fed them an hour ago.

"This wall I'm staring at is getting a little cold." - If you put your baby in the same corner, chair, bouncer for more than an hour they get bored as well. You can encourage them to play and explore more. A stroll to the park and getting fresh air can help them recoup as well.



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