Being Asian I am hoping I can find a lot of clothes that really fits me. I am petite and slim body and most clothes I find at the mall here or any shops are all big. I was looking online and I was intrigued by this Dodostyle at
This is really the in thing now if you talk about Asian fashion trend and style. I heard about this from my Japanese friend as well who lend me tha magazine where Dodostyle was being featured.

I love the idea of Dodostyle wherein they mix the fashion style from Japan and Korea. The designer Kim Hyo Jin is the brainchild of this new hot label that is very fresh and trendy. All their creations are very eclectic, chic and fashionable that really fits the young and hip individuals. I like all their creations because it is very feminine, modern, and edgy as well.

I noticed their clothes are very stylish and I like how everything is being mixed and matched. The earth colors and vintage pieces are giving each of their creations the character that is not traditional and conventional. So if you like this kind of fashion style, check out Dodostyle at



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