She Catches Colds from Daddy

Our little girl is not feeling well because she catches cough and colds from Daddy. Hubby got sick when he got home. On Thursday night our DD started to have stuffy nose. She was not able to go to sleep good because she's very congested. The next morning, Friday, it got worst and around lunch time she developed a temperature. Around 101 degrees. I gave her baby Tylenol and after a few minutes she started to sweat it out. I gave her the medicine round the clock in 24 hours at 6 hours interval. Yesterday morning I gave her the last dose and the whole day yesterday her temperature did not come back. Last night she started coughing but I am glad she is still sweating. She don't have fever anymore but she still have colds and now cough.

I told hubby jokingly that it's his fault. He said, okay I will go back to Iraq since I made her sick. Yeah he's telling our tiny one sorry cause she catches it from him. I am glad though that our DD is still active even if she don't feel good. There are instances that she got crabby especially if she can't breath through her nose. She found out that opening her mouth and breathing through it can make her feel better. Last night she slept good and hopefully she will get better and recover soon.



Pinay WAHM said...

Awww...wawa naman ang mag ama mo. I hope they start feeling better.

Now, that is what I call "bonding". You have to catch on or else di ka kasali sa bonding...hehe. Just kidding...


Lou said...

I tell you Bless, it wont leave the house until everybody has it.


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Anonymous said...

i mean your baby pala hirap siguro magkababy anoh

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