The New Wave of Dating

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Modernization comes in many of our life's aspect. Not only have we had the new technology but also for personal life experiences. Say for example dating. Before, you can't date a person without seeing him or her first. Now, with the advent of the new technology you can date a person even if you haven't meet him or her. Even flirting is also taboo before but now the art of flirting can be learned as well just like the game of Ultimate Flirting Championship which is brought by the Extreme Style by VO5 online.

This online flirting game starts by creating a profile at After you key in your birth date you can then select your avatar, if you are a male or a female, your hairstyle and hair color. Then you go to the waiting room and wait for somebody to come in and then let the flirting begin. I tried the game and it works by throwing questions to two different participants and whoever you think gives the best answers and win, you will have the chance of having a private conversation with him or her which can be equated to a new wave of dating. Very cool. It does give you the excitement too since the process is very interactive and one thing you will discover that flirting may end up having a Victory Hair. If you want to know what that means you can try the Ultimate Flirting Championship now and enjoy the game.

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