Tuscan Vacation, Anyone?

Whoever have visited or had a Tuscan vacation would say that it is a divine place to go to. This is one of the places in Europe that I have in my wish list to visit one day. I have a friend who has been there before and she told me that it was the best vacation ever they had. They rented a self-catering villa and the accommodation was really great. She recommended that if ever we go there one day we have to rent out a self-catering one so we will really enjoy our stay there. They also had a wonderful time basking under the Tuscan sun.

I was intrigued by what she told me and I search about villa rentals in Tuscany and I found out about Villa vacation rentals apartments in Tuscany through letorri.com. The villa is located in one of the villages in Collina, the village of San Quirico. It is situate on top of Chianti Hill around Florence. The gorgeous medieval villa is surrounded by beautiful sceneries which is for sure a beautiful place to stay. Le Torri Villa is a family owned 13th century Tuscan farmhouse. The villa is artistically designed near the Tuscan city centers and once it's a family-owned you can expect a more personal accommodation. Now I know what to look for and where to go when planning a Tuscan vacation. You can check them out too and rent a villa while you are in Tuscany.



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