14 Month Old

This is late but just wanna share picture of our 14 month old while we were at church. She can't be still. She always cruise along the pews so we got out. We were at the lobby and I let her cruise to her heart's content. Right now I am proud of her since she is showing courage to take more steps forward. She can already walk but still I have to be always behind her coz I am afraid when she falls she'll hit her head. She is very excited now that she can walk. Her giggles are infectious. I know for us it's more work but we are very happy and proud Mommy and Daddy.



Merydith said...

Bless last weekend Frankie and I were in the family room sa church maayo gani kay I can still hear everything sa sulod and they also have a kneeler there kay sos si Kiko ra ang baby and if he wants to walk he shouts sometimes. Nanggawas lang mi during communion.

texas_sweetie said...

weewww go baby go! proud mom and dad must be.applause for the achievement your baby has got so far..

dropped an EC here

Channah said...

Aww! She's adorable!

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