Running Away

Our DD is now in the stage wherein she likes being chased. Yes if she can get hold of something and I am trying to take it from her she will run first before she give it to you. Just like the picture above. After I gave her the snack I give her the cup of juice and water. When I asked her to give it back to me she tried running away. Sometimes I will not chase her because I don't want her to fall while running away from me. Like last night while she was playing I told her not to go to the kitchen. She was holding her burp cloth and she was playing peek a boo while walking around. When I told her to come to me she ran away with the cloth still in her face so she did not see the box. Stumbled into it and fell flat on her back. Good thing it wasn't a hard fall. She only cried a little bit then laugh at what happened again.



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