Stack 'em Up

When we go to our well baby check their Pediatrician would ask about what they can do, in short their milestones like if they can pick up and grasp toys, bang them together or stack up. As parents we are also proud to enumerate to them what we see as the big accomplishments of our babies. Before our DD's one year birthday most of the toys that she can get hold on to would go to her mouth. Yes she chew it or bite it. As in everything including books. If you give her a bucket full of toys she will take the toys out and put it back in then take it out again.

When she was 13 and 14 month old she became more experimental with her toys. If she sees that it is hollow she will try to put smaller stuff inside it. I also saw her stack up the stackable toys just like the picture above. I pieced it into two and see what she can do with it. When I put it in front of her she took the other half and put it on top of the other just like where it should be. She is learning and we are very proud of her.



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