Using Spoon

Until now I am still spoon feeding our DD because I don't like her getting dirty when she eat by herself. Although I will let her pick her food when she's eating finger foods but I don't trust her eating rice with gravy or anything that has sauce alone. She will end up throwing it on the floor and we have carpeted floor. Another thing also she will not pick up her food if its mushy. I think she is not used to it since I didn't train her.

Lately I give her the spoon. Though she knew what is the use of the spoon for still her hand coordination is not yet perfect. I guide her how to use the spoon by letting her hold it then I hold her hand. Scoop a small amount of food then bring it to her mouth. She got the concept and every time she does it she will smile afterwards. I know in time she will be able to master it :-)



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