Fall is around the corner

We are in the last weekend of summer and fall will start again. It is time for us to get fall and winter stuff. Living here in the US will really make you adjust to its four seasons. Not only you have to adjust to the weather but also the things that you need every season like in clothes. For spring and summer you can carry over your spring clothes to summer. But you cannot wear your summer clothes or dresses in winter and fall especially if you live in areas where fall and winter can get really cold.

So now we have to buy clothes for our DD for fall and winter. Although some of her pants and long sleeves can still be worn but we need more thick clothing. Here in the northwest the winter can be terrible so I have to prepare her for that. We started to get her fall clothes and I am still looking on good deals for thick jackets and winter stuffs. All her thick jacket last winter cannot be worn anymore so she need new ones. I hope I can find good stuff with good prices on it.



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