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I know most of you heard about this new browser that Google is bringing out in the world wide web, the Chrome. I did not only heard it here in the internet but also in our local news. Being the home Microsoft, most people here in the Evergreen State also concerned what the rival is bringing out on their table :-) I checked this Chrome browser and it is very neat. They promise a sophisticated, safer, and easy to use technology with this browser. I told a friend of mine about it then she downloaded the browser which she find very cool, clean and fast. One feature that has earned a lot of talks about this browser is its incognito mode wherein you the sites you visited will not appear on your web history. So have you tried it already? And what can you say about it?



joseph said...

hi! just checkin my links here, and i'm glad i found it! keep it up! have a nice day, i also have your link on my links page, just check it out! :D

Mimi said...

Hi Bless! Chrome is indeed awesome, my husband was so blown away with it. Have a wonderful day and God bless you and your family always. Take care!

irish said...

hello, exchange link please? i added you already. please let me know if you added me too. im a pinay mom by the way.

irish of creative thoughts

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