How she did while I was away?

The longest time that I was away with our DD since we moved here was last night. It was my day at school and was away for two hours. Hubby dropped me off and when I got out of the car there's a heavy feeling inside me. I am used to be with our DD 24/7 and getting out of the car without her felt so different. When I was in the class my mind is busy thinking what she is doing at home.

After class I called hubby right away and asked him how she did. Hubby told me that she's doing fine and did not cry. She also ate her dinner according to hubby. When they arrived to picked me up I saw our DD's excitement as I enter the truck. She was kicking and holding my hand. Even if it's only 2 hours away from her it seemed like forever. But everything fade away when I saw her so excited to see me again.



""rare*jonRez"" said...

hahaha! is this kind of feeling that we have weird? hahaha! i always feel the same bless. makabuang jud ni atong pagbati ba? duh.

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