Our 16 Month Old

Shiloh is now 16 month old and I still can't imagine how she developed into an active toddler. She is getting smarter everyday :-) Love showing off her skills to Mommy and Daddy. I am very glad that she is healthy as ever, God's grace. As to her milestones she's getting there :-) She loves playing with her blocks and anything that has handles. She likes carrying a bag like a basket. I think this shows that she will be a bag-a-holic when she grows up :-) I hope not.

For the things that she can do includes pointing some body parts; stacking blocks but in no particular order; messing up her toys after she put it back; loves books, flipping and pointing to it with matching oh, oh, oh :-) She can't say any words yet aside from mama, papa, dadi, mami, dada, baba, and some unrecognizable words that she only can understand. She's showing a little of stubborness typical of a Taurean :-)

I have seen a lot of new personality in her that starting to came out. I am praying and hoping all the time that she will become an obedient and respectful kid. I want her to become a good kid in short. I know it will also depend on us parents on how we discipline her and how we bring her up. We are trying though to guide her through of course with God's guidance.



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