Potty Training

Hubby bought our DD her potty for us to start training her. She is barely 16 months old and I told hubby she is still very young. She may not understand yet what to do. Anyways, we just wanted to know what her reaction will be so we tried. We bought the potty last week at night and when we got home I let her sat down on it. At first she cried and she stood up right away. Everytime I put her down she will cry so I did not force her that night. I told her that she has to start peeing and pooping in the potty. Of course she don't understand me but I tried explaining anyway.

The next morning as soon as she woke up I brought her to the bathroom and sat her down on the potty. I made a sound "wiss-wiss", the sound my Mom told me that will help her urinate. After just a couple of minutes she peed in the potty. I got excited of course that I took a picture of it as remembrance of her first time of using the potty.

I was told that I have to be consistent in training her but I slack on it. Now I stopped it and will continue when she's a little older because I want to let her sit by herself when she potty. When I live her alone she will stand up right away. I will train her again when she's 18 months old already.

For all the Moms, how did you potty train your little ones?



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