Raquel introduced to me to teach our daughter to read. She is using it to her daughter to practice read and it is very effective. So I used it every night for our DD. Before she go to sleep. I am still introducing to her letters by letters. I am starting to let her familiarize from A-E first. It is very interactive. It is more phonics, i.e. giving the sound of the word and how it will be pronounced. She can already say 'ah' for Aa; 'ba' for Bb; 'ka' for Cc; and 'da' for Dd. When the picture of the bear, duck, dinosaur appears she can say it's sound. I know little by little she will be familiarized with it. As long as she is interested to learn I will be the happiest Mom. If you have a baby you can try too. I am sure your baby or kids will love it.



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