Dance to the Papaya Music

It is amazing to watch how our kids developed. Now, every time she hears music she will do her own action. After she watched her show on PBS I will change the channel to TFC or the Filipino Channel. When Pilipinas Game Ka Na Ba will be on she becomes very attentive especially when they do the Papaya dance. Now it is second to Wowowe. For Wowowe she will dance and do the action; before she only does hep, hep, hurray. I really think she is more inclined to music than other things because she even sing na-na-na-na to her doll or stuffed toy. When I bought her the Christmas CD the other day I played it in her room. Now, every time we go in her room she will point to it to be played. I hope she will still show more interest in it as she grow older.



shedlife said...

it's been a wonderful feeling when your child starting to amuse u, right? my sister does!

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