Our 18 Months Old

She is growing :-) and according to developmental books I am reading she can be now called officially a toddler :-) Her developments are exactly as what her age supposed to have. These includes surer walker; loves to climb up and down certain heights, chairs, tables, beds, etc; I can ask her to do something like throw her diaper in the bin, pick up her toys and put in toy bin, put her dirty clothes in the hamper, any simple things that her age can do; she loves starfall.com; she can be hard headed too which I am not tolerating; she is doing good with sleeping with only one nap time in the afternoon that last from 2-4 hours depending on her activity.

Right at this age it is suggested that they can be potty trained so I will have to prepare her and us for that as well as transitioning her to sleep by herself. With regards to weaning, both of us is not ready yet. Of course I want to wean her but since she still has weight gain concern I will start weaning her when she is ready.



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