She Got a Little Burnt

The thing I dreaded most happened, that is our DD will get burnt with our heater. When we moved in this apartment one thing that I am concerned of is the placement of the heater. It is on the wall almost to the floor. The bedroom heaters are located below the window that we have to position our bed at least 3-5 feet away. I told hubby beforehand that we will have a problem with it when DD starts to walk and we are using the heater. What I will do usually is turn on the heater when she is asleep and then turn it off when she is mobile. So far we are able to keep her away from it until tonight.

I turned the heater in her room up to comfort zone which is 60 degrees because it is really cold in her room. Since we are in the living room, I closed the bedroom door to prevent her from going in and play. When I was about to change her I turned off the heater. I readied her bed and she was sitting on her pink chair. I told her to wait for me. I took her pajamas out from the drawer and when I turned around she ran towards me. She sat down on the floor but swung her hand hitting the side of the still hot heater. She did not cry though but I saw blisters on her two little fingers. I am glad it is just a tiny blister.

I've seen this coming and even if I am watching her 24/7 she still can sneak behind me. I wish we can find something to prevent it from happening again. We can't block it because anything you put near it can be a fire hazard. The only thing we can do is not turn it on when she playing around. If in any case, we have to watch her all the time when the heater is on. I just thank God she did not have a big burn or I will have a heart attack.



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