The Techie Sproutwells

Do you remember veggie family, The Sproutwells? Well they are now going techie. Yes and Missy Ruby Red have her wish list to include MP3 player with pink arm band, pink portable DVD and pink digital camera. She did not finish reading her list because her brother unplugs the computer. All her techie gadgets she will get from freshfunds. Yes, at Fresh Funds, wherein you can bid or win fabulous items as a reward for following a healthy lifestyle. Below is a clip of the webisode of The Sproutwells. Take a look at it and enjoy. Also note the neighbor, nosy Rosie, because until now she is still wondering why The Sproutwells keep receiving packages. She goes through a lot of mishaps because of her nosiness. I hope she will join fresh funds too so she will be receiving packages like the Sproutwells. So if you want to own some techie stuffs as well, you can join fresh funds and starts eating healthy then win great rewards.




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