Fun at the Bookstore

Before Christmas, even if it was snowing real hard, we still went out and braved the nasty weather. We did our errands as well as stop by at the bookstore, Barnes & Noble. Our DD love to run around and touch the display especially if it catches her attention. She was also looking at the kids playing Thomas the train. I just let her run around because there were only two other kids and two adults in the children's section and good thing she did not take out books from the shelf.



J@n!ce said...

So cute to see the little one running around the stores :)

Happy New Year to you :):)

Karlana said...

My children LOVE to roam B&N, especially the children's section. It is like a literary playland!

Your little one is too cute!

Free recipes said...

so cute and cooooollll baby, like my baby tooooo, i like it :)

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