Sniffles Gone

Last week, November 30th after our trip to Seattle, I noticed our DD has sniffles. I know right there and then it will develop into something I really don't like, cough and colds. True enough, after few hours of playing the sniffles became runny nose. Since there is really no remedy for common colds, as what her Pedia told me, so I just gave her more fluids. I even made chicken soup and gave it to her during her meals.

Come Monday morning, when she woke up, the barking er coughing started. I checked her temperature and thankfully it's normal. After three days when it didn't subside I called the clinic and talked to a nurse. I told her everything and she said to continue what I did and after 7 days that there's no progress I have to bring her in for check up.

I really thought she will not recover soon because the coughing sounded worst. But thankfully, this weekend, her colds dried up and her coughing faded. It is really a relief knowing that her immune system is able to fight her cough and cold. Hand washing is also important to prevent transfer of germs from one place to another. I just gave her more fluids and every time I change her shirt I rub her back and chest with vicks vaporub. I also turn on the humidifier with vicks every time she is in her room sleeping. It helps in decongesting her clogged nasal passages.

This is what I don't like with winter time; the kids can easily catch colds. It is very important to bundle them up with thick clothing before you get out of the house. I am glad that she won't complain now when I put on thick jacket on her unlike before that I have to struggle. So, since her sniffles' gone already I will not bother to call the clinic anymore :-) Thank God!



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