Our 20 Month Old

This pictures were taken on her 20th month birthday

Our DD turned 20 month old already this month. She is getting very active every day I have a hard time keeping up with her. When she is playing, all her toys will be all over the place. When I clean up, the next minute she will put it out again. She is also a climber now. I can't live the dining chairs out anymore, before I know it she is already on top of the table. She loves to dance as well. When she hears music, she will do her dance moves right away.

She is a chatter now but I cannot decipher what she is talking about. Her vocabulary is not that extensive yet :-) What I can clearly understand are ma-ma, mommy, da-da, dadi, yeah, e-mo (Elmo), num-num (yum-yum), no, go, ah-oh (her expression), baby, me, you, ga-ket (jacket), toy, wawa (water), peepee, hay (hi) and other mumbles and baby talk that she can only understand :-) My niece's daughter at 17 month old now is already a chatter. But I know kids differ in their development so I am not concerned as of now if she only can talk few words clearly. On the other hand, if she need something she will talk in her language then drag you and point to what she wants. She also know what to do if I tell her: It's bath time; Brush teeth, Eating time; Go to your bedroom; Clean up; Wash hands; Change nappy; Call Daddy. She
also can point to some of her body parts.

She love playing her stackable cups and boxes. She is now into building something. Every day cardboard boxes are all over the floor because she will stack it up but in no particular order. Before, when she can stack up three boxes already she will stop but now, she already have the patience to stack up more. This was the tallest she was able to accomplished. She did pretty good!



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