Taking Down the Christmas Decor

It's the 3rd day of the year and I am pretty sure some of you already took down your Christmas decorations, right? Well, for us, hubby is tasked to do it. When I woke up this morning he already started the demolition so to speak :-) The lighting that we put up in our porch was already removed. Yesterday we went to Kmart and Walmart to look for ornaments storage. Most of the Christmas merchandise in both stores are up to 75% off. Instead of just buying the storage, we ended up getting some more ornaments, decors, Christmas cards, and gift wrap items. So, now hubby is very excited to store the seasonal stuffs we have in its storage. We got the plastic bag for the wreaths, plastic boxes for ornaments, and a very large box with wheels to store everything. Before, we were using cardboard boxes and we have a lot of those in our storage room. It made the room very packed. With these new storages, the room will be more organized. We have to look for a new room lighting anyhow to replace the dim light in that room to make it more airy. I am glad we started this year with organizing. Hopefully we have a well organized and blessed all year through.



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