Better Bathrooms

If we are going to do house hunting again, I will still stick to my check list. Under my list is to have better bathrooms or shall I say a kind of bigger one where we can have more space to store toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies among others. Right now we are living in an apartment and my only concern with our bathroom is not much cabinetry to store towels and other bathroom necessities. Although the bathroom is a fair size but the design doesn't maximize the space available to put cabinetry in. I found some good designs of bathroom suites at Better Bathrooms and their site is I think their products can cater to whatever bathroom size you have. If only our bathroom now has the kind of suites that they have then we would have more space for storage.

Anyways, I learned more that Better Bathrooms is UK's fastest growing bathroom company. They've been in the business for more than 20 years and they are very knowledgeable about this business. They buy products in bulk thus being able offer the merchandise at a discounted price. If you are in UK and you wanted to do bathrooms renovation, check out Better Bathrooms.



Joe-ann said...

hi te bless, very true..but for would always be on the toplist.=)

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