We all know that piracy in music and movie industry is rampant and this happens in the internet. It is killing these industries. Music and movie downloads over the internet is huge and artists don't get paid for it. This is unfair to the artists and those that produce it. This is why a company named Kerchoonz was being created. Keerchonz is a site with a social network platform and free environment that enables artists, film-makers, musicians, fans, and business people can meet and exchange ideas, create music, explore the industry and do a lot of things. The people behind this great innovation have the philosophy that fair play should rule in the vast dimension of the world wide web. They believed that music and art should be compensated even if it is offered to the public for free; thus offering payment to the artist if people are listening to their music for free. So if you are a fan of a musician and you want to download or listen to their music, you can head out to Kerchoonz. You sign up and start listening or downloading music. You can also meet other people and exchange ideas or entertainment. If you are an artist and you want to upload your audio and video streams you can do so and every time someone listens to it you will get paid. I applaud those that are behind this company not only for looking out for the artist and promote fair play but also offering legal free music.




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