Our DD's Weight Issue

When our DD was about 7 months old she has issue with her weight gain. She is always below average. She was referred to developmental pediatric as well as nutritionist to have her weight assessed. She had blood work done, physicals and other tests and the results are all normal and nothing is wrong. The nutritionist gave her a meal plan and we are following it but her weight gain is very slow. After her first birthday we went to her nutritionist every month and so far everything is doing fine but still she is on the small side. She is a tiny girl, like mommy, but very active and don't get sick easily.

About 6 months ago her schedule to go to the Nutritionist was changed to every two months because she is showing improvement. She gained about 1-2 lbs every month. Our last visit in February, she was 21 month old, her weight went up to 20lbs. I was happy with it because at last she reached 20. Her Nutritionist told me if we can't see any improvement she will be given an appetite stimulant. As much as possible I wanted her to gain weight without resorting to it. Since she is showing improvement the Nutritionist put it off.

Then this morning was her appointment after a month and a half. I got worried again because she barely reaches 21lbs. That means her weight gain from February is really slow even though for me she is eating good compared to last year. But on the upside she is growing. She is between 75 and 90 percentile head circumference, 10-25 percentile of height but below 5th percentile of weight. The Nutritionist assured me that if she is eating good, not sick and growing height-wise, then she is okay. We only need to increase her calorie intake to compensate the calorie she burn from being so active. She is not concerned with any deficiency because her blood work has excellent result.

As a Mom your concern can grow into worry when you see your child is not the same with her peers. I know I should not be worried since the doctor assured me she is healthy. I keep telling myself that she may get her petite frame from me which the doctors are also telling since every tests they've done showed normal results. They told me to just continue of what I've been doing and she will be fine. I went online and read some stories the same as what I am feeling regarding our DD's issue. This gave me assurance that I am not the only one. Two weeks from now will be another weight check for her and hopefully her weight doesn't plateau as what her previous growth pattern have shown.



pussreboots said...

She sounds exactly like my son who has always been on the low side of the weight charts. He's just active and not that much of an eater. It is normal for him. As long as she is making her other mile stones and seems happy don't worry.

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