Our 32 Month Old Tot

Today is our DD's 32 month birthday. She is getting older and older each day :-) I've seen a lot of changes in her attitude as she is growing up. The terrible two streak is not really visible with her. There are only few instances that she is having a meltdown when we are outside. But most of the time she is a happy camper. I am also enjoying her age more now because I can talk and play with her.

Right now we are sharing a room. since Daddy is not around. I know I need to put her in her own room but I just can't get a sleep with constant checking on her. She usually wakes me up. She will say, "get up or wake up Mommy" then followed by "cook Mommy food" or "I want milk Mommy". But before we leave the room I see to it that we make the bed which she loves helping me out. She even get my sleeper and hair clamp so I can put it on.

During her playtime, I don't allow her to get all the toys out from the bin. She knew that she can only get one particular toy that she likes to play and then put it back afterward to get another. But there are times that she just wanted to take everything out but good thing is, she will put it all away after she is done playing. I will only tell her, please clean up good girl and she will follow through.

One thing I noticed though is that when she can't get her way sometimes she will really throw a fit to the point of throwing anything she can hold on to. She does scream too. But all incidents that she's acting such is only when we are at home which to my relief. There was one instance when we are Kohls store and about to go home. She don't want to sit back to her stroller. I was paying my purchases and I asked her to go sit back to her stroller and she gave me a big "NO". I asked her again and before I knew it she was already lying down on the floor and not saying anything. Good thing she wasn't crying or screaming. So I indeed up pushing the stroller with the bags on it and she was walking beside me to the parking.

One of her big accomplishments lately is using the potty that I will blog next time. Her identification of the alphabets is now perfect, counting 1 to 10 and she likes singing even though she can't pronounce well the words yet. Her vocabulary is improving and I am very happy with it. I am doing my best now to teach her good manners. She will say thank you, excuse me and please but still she slacks at times. It needs more improvement so to speak :-)



Gorgeous MUM said...

Hay, how time flies! Soon enough you'll have a teen! LOL!

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