38 Weeks Pregnant

I am getting there so to say :-) Accordingly, anytime from now until my due date I can pop. But I am hoping I will give birth when hubby is here already. Though I have the plan on what to do in case of emergency. Lately, I felt contraction already but it's normal when your body is preparing for the real labor. I am still driving around and though it's already very uncomfortable, I still have to do it since there's only me and our DD here. The husband will be here in a week's time. I am very fortunate that I have friends that I can ask favor when I need just few things at the store.

The very hard thing for me now is going to sleep. The position to sleep is so limited to only two, from side to side, unless you prefer sleeping while in a recliner. With my first pregnancy, I gave birth at 37 weeks because my bag of water broke already. I did not experience the difficulty of getting in and out of bed that much. But this time, it's very hard. I have to get up many times at night to go to the loo and my pubis symphysis hurt so bad. My back is ok though. It's not hurting as bad but my sides, wherein my tummy enlarges so much, it's like the muscles are being pulled to its limit :-)

On Friday, I will have my 38 weeks check up and I am hoping everything is good and that my cervix is not yet open :-) I know I am asking too much but who knows the baby can wait for daddy to be here :-)



Cali-delights said...

Congrats!!! you are almost there.
I am 16 weeks... long way to go :)

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