Excited for our Preschooler

I am one excited Mom because our dear toddler is going to school starting this September. I've been searching for preschool since last year and the one we decided to enroll our DD1 is a preschool run by the Methodist church not far from where we live.

Last week, the day after hubby came home, I told him we have to visit the preschool. We arrived there around afternoon time and by the looks of it hubby kind of not liking it. I told him it's okay we'll just check another school if you don't like it. So we turned around and was about to go back home. When we were at the corner hubby said let's check anyway coz we're already here. And so we go back and parked again.

There's only the preschool director inside. We inquired about their school and then she showed us around. Still hubby was not decided. Yesterday we attended the school open house/orientation. It was a fun one hour. Our DD1 enjoyed her soon to be classroom and got to meet her future classmates as well. This morning hubby went back to the school and registered our DD1. There will be ten preschoolers in their class and two teachers. The ratio is 1:5 and that is good balance.

Hubby told me earlier that he bet I will cry once I left DD1 in her school. I think so I will. Even now I still can't imagine she will be away from me for 2 hours and 30 minutes two days a week. And how time flies, I now have a student. I told hubby if only I can stay in their school the whole time I really will.



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