DD1's First Day of School

I've been late posting our DD1's first day of school pictures. Anyways, we were all excited for it will be her first time to be in school. She didn't experience being in a day care so we're kind of excited and anxious how she's going to handle being away from us.

Her class started at 12:30 so her wake up schedule at 9am is still okay. When she woke up that morning I told her she is going to school. She was excited as well that she wanted to change so early.

We got to her school five minutes early. Daddy just followed us from his job. He got there on time that we both went inside to drop her off. She did not cry at all when we told her we're about to leave. She was quite but smiling seeing other kids her age.

Hubby told me that I will cry once we left the school. Although I did not cry but I felt so sad that I wanted to stay in the school and wait for her there. It's a different feeling. Waiting for another 2 1/2 hours was like a lifetime. When I picked her up they were at the school playground. I saw that she was too excited playing around. She don't even wanna go home but just play still.

She still cannot determine the routine of school for two days and her gymnastics class but she always remind me that she will go to school and gymnastics almost everyday.



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