Steps to Winter Proof My Home

Contribution by Paula Gonzales.

Though I don't live too far north, winters can sometimes be quite severe. It's not enough to wing it - properly preparing for the winter season is very important. Even if the season is a bust, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The first step is to make sure the house is all sealed up. Drafts make the house uncomfortable, and they can also cost me big money in heating bills as precious dollars float out the door. To this end, I put up storm windows and doors. If there are any problem windows, I'll put up plastic on the inside to cut the drafts. There are also products to help prevent drafts from traveling underneath doors.

I also make sure that my backup systems are all ready. I have a generator ready just in case of a winter blackout, as having an ice cold house would be both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. I also make sure all my winter supplies are ready, including shovels, salt sand, and my snowblower, all in preparation for the first major snow storm.

At the end of my winter proofing regime, I make sure to take some time to relax with some hot cocoa. Sometimes I'll read, while other times I'll sit down and enjoy my satellite TV from Whatever my choice, I relax in my toasty, winter proof house and enjoy a job well done.



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