Thanksgiving and Family

The article written by Debra Herman.

By far, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It seems to be the only holiday where the family is just together and enjoying each other's company without a strict agenda. For me, Thanksgiving is a whole day festivity with family. Often we arrive in the morning and enjoy a light breakfast such as coffee and donuts. The adults catch up with what is going on in everyone's busy lives and the children scurry around and play. Following a light breakfast, the women begin to cook in the kitchen and the men conjugate in the living room and begin to watch football on the directstartv.

In the late afternoon the Thanksgiving meal is ready and we enjoy the typical dishes such as turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni, green beans and pumpkin pie. Most importantly is my grandmother's homemade cranberry sauce. It has the most delicious taste of both sweetness and tartness. It is my favorite and I only get it once a year.

The rest of the day is often for resting, napping, watching satellite television and enjoying family.



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