Charlie Brown's Christmas a Hit on Satellite Television Schedule

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis.

Each year our family gathers in the den to watch the animated Christmas special of 'Charlie Brown's Christmas' on satellite television from Of course when I first saw this wonderful holiday classic it was before cable and satellite television had even been introduced to the viewing world.

Now I am happy to continue this holiday tradition with my kids. Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally and Lucy are just some of the beloved cartoon characters who make us laugh and cry each year as they search for the true meaning of Christmas. Charles Schultz created the Peanut's comic strip many years ago but today these characters are still at the center of my favorite animated cartoon. The bedraggled little Christmas tree that the Peanut's gang transforms toward the end of the show is always my favorite scene.

With popcorn, freshly baked cookies and hot chocolate on the table, and a festive air in the house it is the perfect opportunity to watch 'Charlie Brown's Christmas' and remind ourselves of what is truly important in our lives. This animated cartoon special makes its annual appearance in December, usually within a week or two of Christmas Day.



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