Cloth Diaper Diaper Review

One thing I regretted since I have my two girls is not using a cloth diaper from the very start. I contemplated on using it when we first got pregnant, but I was so hesitant due to my schedule. I was working and in school at that time. I thought using a cloth diaper will just make it harder for me to balance my time from always washing and cleaning up. It wasn't just convenient for me at that time. Our second baby was the same. Although I have been staying at home until now but still hesitant of using a cloth diaper. I have a friend at church that uses cloth diapers for all her kids, and she really encouraged me of how money they save for not buying diapers.

Then lately an FB friend introduced Bunnzoo, an online store that sells handmade cloth diapers. I checked it out and I got smitten by the cupcake design cloth diaper. I showed it to our little one and she said she liked it. I ordered one and Michelle of Bunnzoo asked if I would love to do a review. Of course I said yes, and in return she gave me another item to review, the zebra print one.

First I want to say thank you to Bunnzoo for the fast shipping. I received the item within the time frame that they promised. Now my thoughts on the product:

The product, I love and it is very well-made. It is stitched very cleanly and you can tell that it is of good quality and durable. I like the fact that the outside layer is waterproof and the lining is an anti-pill fleece that is easy to care.

For the fitting, this zebra print have front snaps to adjust according to your baby's size. Our little girl is in the medium size so adjusting it is so easy. She is on the skinny side also and once you adjusted the snaps, it will just fit perfectly on her legs. It also comes with 2 liners. You can use one or both if your little one is a heavy wetter. I let our soon-to-be 2-year-old wear it at night time, and uses the 2 liners that comes with it. So far, we did not have any leaks, and our little one is so comfortable using it.

Our little girl sporting her fave diaper from Bunnzoo.

If you are looking for a good quality, made in the US cloth diapers, check out Bunnzoo now. You will not be disappointed. It is affordable, durable, and would surely last for a long time. They have nice prints too for you to choose from. I give this diaper a 4 thumbs up out of 5. I am a happy customer and thinking of getting another one for our baby.



BUNNZOO said...

Thank you Bless for the review.I'm glad your little girl like it.

Michell said...

Hi Bless just check your daughter's picture wearing zebra print diaper.I think I sent you the traditional style diaper. There's snaps in front, the first line is if it's snap fits to size NB, then 2nd line of snaps is small, then medium and if unsnap it's size Large. Fits from 10 to 35lbs. By the way, Bless if you don't mind can I grab her picture or do you have close up picture of her wearing the zebra diaper? I am thinking to put it in my gallery and aby models. Thanks! Michell

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