Equal Opportunity

I like the "equal opportunity" that is being implemented by employers here in the US. When hiring personnel everyone is encourage to apply even if disable as long as they pass the minimum requirement for the job. It's more on hiring objectively. Basing on the qualifications and skills of a person. And also no discrimination whatsoever since a lot of races are present here, being the melting pot of all nation. For me this is a fair act.

I am not sure if private employers in the Philippines are practicing this. I know in the government they set certain standards based on the Qualification Standards (QA). But sad to note that this is not followed in some cases (or most?) because of "politicking". If you have endorsement from the "politicians" in your province or municipality even if at some point you don't met the requirement, then you got the job baby! Basta malakas ka go...may trabaho ka.

Nweis back to equality, I observed in Pinas when a company is hiring example a receptionist/front desk clerk and the likes, the ad will say, most often than not, "with pleasing personality". So meaning those without need not apply ba ang siste? Anyhow, by definition (employers point of view), pleasing personality constitute of course beauty, charm, height or kung pwede pa pati vital stat ilagay na. Which for me I think is not good if you're going to boost employment. Nakakababa ng moral, ika nga. There are qualified job seeker for the position but will not apply because he/she may think don't have the pleasing personality. Will just be turned down whatsoever, so why bother? So where's "equal opportunity" there? If you are tied in a wheelchair and can't walk but you are qualified to become a clerk, typist or receptionist answering calls, you can't get a job because they will not hire you. When it comes to promotion at work, if you're not the boss' pet and don't have the "top dogs" endorsements you have no chance to be promoted. Some of my friends experienced this. Even when it comes to training...A lot of people works as clerk for 15 years and seldom, or even not, do they get training enhancements kaya stagnant at low productivity.

Here in the US employers emphasizes equal opportunity. As long as you met the minimum requirement for the job you will be considered. If you don't have enough education or nothing at all can you compete to the job market? Yes you can still find a job that fits your qualification and earn a living! Another thing is I didn't see in the classified ads here which says "with pleasing personality" unless somehow they are hiring position that concerns beauty or the likes. But so far I haven't seen one. With regards to promotion the good thing is that the ladder/steps for promotion is already outlined and you'll be told as soon as you join the company or you're hired by them. Trainings is also a must for all personnel. Not selective. And continuing education is encourage. Some even pay/reimbursed your tuition if you do.

I know it's hard to compare because US is United States. And Pinas is Philippines. But if equality is being practiced in the labor department of the country, may it be public or private, I think it helps in boosting employment. Making use of the human resources wisely not in a corrupting way.



JO said...

being an immigrant of Canada, i can't say the same thing... though equal employment opportunities are being emphasize here (same as in the US), but still employer, indirectly require you to have canadian work experience inorder to get that equal opportunity... how could an immigrant have a canadian experience in the first place?

Amika said...

Hello Bless.. I am very happy for your new found job.. It is just a starting point. Good Luck!

Amikahuts said...

Sorry bless naputol kaagad ang comment ko... I mean to say is that this is your starting point and once you have US experience you are on your way to success.. Well It took me 5 years but I got the job I want and more... Kunting tiis lang muna Take care ha

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