Nothing big event happened today. We got out of bed around 8:00am and hubby prepared our breakfast. While I set up my laptop at the living room for me to (you know) blog and surf hehehe. Hubby told me to blog later because we have to prepare for church hahaha (di masyadong adik sa blog no?) I said okay to him. But still open my lt and continued on (adik nga eh!).

We went to church for 10:30am mass but we were late coz we have to stop at the gas station. It's really shocking how the gas price escalates. Now the price ranges, for regular unleaded here in Georgia, $2.43-2.49. I know in more high standard living states it costs more than that. Nyay...I pity for those who have big SUV's that will cost $70+ in order to be filled up. The world is really in crisis now. I think anywhere in the world the oil prices is surging high. My cousin told me that in Philippines the gas per liter is Php50.00(-/+). Is this true? I hardly believe it. Can't imagine in the near future how much the gas will cost. I know the demand of oil will not cease to soar up especially in the developed countries where lifestyle requires increasing amount of energy. Argghhh this is really worse now more than ever. I think it's time for the renewables and alternative energies to take it's rule, huh? And more so to protect our environment. We might not know the natural energy is already depleted for too much consumption.

Oh men..this heart breaking reality could left you hyperventilating. Nweis, after church we got back home and then i prepared for work (aherm working girl, eh!). But before going to work I blogged and saw this in Marhgil's blog --- Analogia star estimator and i tried it using 3 different pics and here are the results:




Hmmm from among the three pics that I tried Natalia Oreiro and Sarah Jessica Parker came consistently twice...Could it be that "kamukako" sila? hehehe Well, i think this site is just pulling our legs, eh? What ya think? =)



JO said...

hi bless. dito din almost $1 na ang gas... when we first got here 4.5 years ago, nasa 45 cents+/L lang... haaaaay!

Naomi said...

ahahaha! right right, korekek ka dyan sis! pero para sakin ha, kamuka mo si Jean Garcia! =)

Ligaya said...

Hi Bless! same here, ang mahal-mahal ng gas, laging pataas ng pataas. si hubby nga he's spending $60 every week for gas, grabe, malayo rin kasi ang working place niya. But starting Monday, malapit na sa amin ang trabaho niya, thank God!
Tama si Nao, mas kamukha mo pa si Jean Garcia. =)
Take care and God bless you both!

Lanie said...

Hi Bless, thanks sa compliments sa anak ko ha. ^_^

Dito sa area namin $2.50 ang gas, masakit nga sa bulsa eh, lalo't na pag pasukan na. Hay, ang buhay nga naman. :D

coffeecrumbles said...

Hi sis,

I hope u like my new layout haha mejo madugo ang pggwa ko ngayun at mejo pasaway un mga styles na ginwa ko! Well, I already tried that analogia way back before at since china eyes ako ay 2 asian ang lumabas haha bonga!!

Have a great day!

Bless said...

Hi Jo! Yup really the price of gas is skyrocketing...as well as the basic commodities mahal na din ..haaayyy :-)

Friendship Nao...hahaha grabe ikaw pa lang nakapagsabi na kamukako si Jean Garcia..maganda un sis at di ko naisip na kamukha kami. di ako papasa sa beauty non hane :-) nweis, salamat sa komplimento..murag bukad akong atay.

Bless said...

Hi Ligaya! at umagree ka pa kay mareng Nao ha! hehehe but guess not :-) maganda po un..la me sa kalingkingan non :-) ingat ka jan amiga.

Bless said...

Lanie dearie and Darling salamat sa pagdalaw at sa pakoment. God bless sa inyo.

evi said...

i love SJP. love her in Sex in the City. i love the way she carries herself. to resemble her is glory.

kim said...

hi bless! here sa lugar namo $2.80/gal na. i asked my brother today how much na ang gasolina sa pinas he says its P34.45/liter special.

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