Last week of clinical practice

Days passed so fast. Seems like it was just yesterday that I started my NA training and now we are in our last week of clinical practice then we will be taking the certification exam.

How well does it go? Honestly, it is a lot more harder than what I thought. Beforehand, I was so excited then came the reality which strucked me during my first week. It really chickened me out but I am still persistent to continue on. I believe it's only the first reaction adjusting to the workload in the NH. Learning to clean b**** with bm for the first time almost make me throw up. I just held my breath. Man! parang di ko kakayanin. I complained to my husband and he asked me if i'll stop. I said no! =) then I told him, but it's more like telling myself, no pain, no gain. Right?

For more than 2 weeks now working with the residents in the NH I am slowly being accustomed to the whole routine. But still I am learning how to move as quickly as possible because you have other residents lined up. I have a hard time doing it since the oldies are so fragile that I think i may break them when i move that harshly.

Anyhow, i am so happy that we will be finished in the next 4 days. I can take a rest for a little while then I can start scouting for a workplace to submit application. Me and the rest of my classmates were talking where to go afterwards. The NH where we go for the clinical is really in need of CNAs but I am having second thoughts going there. There are lots of place to choose from but still am apprehensive since they are requiring experience from the applicants. I still prefer to work in the hospital though. Just crossing my fingers and pray for my future plans.



Naomi said...

wow una na naman ako dito [*jumping, jumping*] go girl! u can do it! hep hep hurray!!!! =)

Teachernorms said...

Wow! nauna si Nao pano mahilig sa blog... lol. Nao is right, you can do it. Have a great week.

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