What is a Meme?

I was browsing thru my tagboard and Geri said "I wonder why they called it 'meme' no?" Well I am wondering why they call it meme also hehehe. I have no earth on it really! I am just doing what my assignment from my friends online. Tagging me memes so i just replicate the pattern that they did and tagged another blogger after.

Basically, I associated meme like a "chain letter" that you receive then you opt to just ignore it or pass it along. But since I am also curious what is meme literally, I searched the meaning of it and I stumbled into this "FAQ about meme" where a lot of authors explained or give informal definition of what is meme all about. Hope this helps for those who are wondering (like me) what is a meme.



michimiz said...

oh my golly! i also don't know about that word "meme". i have read it and all but i just ignored it. wala lang gyud ko gahunahuna. as in deadma to the max ako beauty. thanks bless sa imong pag research at least nakabalo nako karon unsa na "meme".

geri said...

Bless, hala I thought it was merely coined by a filipino internet addict lang. When I read the word "meme" the thought of letting the baby sleep came into my mind hehe. Thanks for the research :)

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