Yesterday we were told that today, Friday, is our day off and we are done with our clinical!!!! Yehey!!! What a relief. We needed the day off so badly since we had a very tiring 4 days of our lives with regards to our NA training. It's like a heavy load was lifted off our shoulders and we beamed at the news from our CI.

So since it's a rest day for me i stayed in bed until 12noon. My hubby didn't bother to wake me up when he went to work this morning. And he made his own "baon" - poor dear! He said I should stay in bed because I worked hard at the NH and I have my job in the afternoon. So understanding and thoughtful of him =)

Anyhow, the long sleep really help me in recharging my energy. My back aches and leg pains are not bothering me that much anymore and feel rested. But am a little bit worried about my right arm tho coz I think it's sprained. Wish I can call a "manghihilot" over to "hilot" it (sigh). This is the disadvantage living here in the US....walay manghilotay =) PANAWAGAN: Kinsay suhi diha???? =)



Raquel said...

It's nice to hear that Bless. Maayo kay nakapahulay ka, I think you're a pretty busy girl nowadays.

You are right, wala ju manghihilot diri. Naay sakit sa atong lawas nga dili angay mo tumar ug tambar kay hiluton mauli-an dayun.

Ok Bless, enjoy your week. Say hello for to your hubby.

amika said...

Hello Bless... congrats sa your achievements... finish na ha!! very good.. you deserve ang long slept... take care

Bless said...

Hi Raquel! Yup mejo kapahulay na jud ta ani hehehe. Na mao jud walay manhihilot hehehe ang bana pud dili ka uli sa naipit nga ugat hehehe. Cge regards pud dha sa inyo.

Amika thank you for your kind thoughts. You take care too.

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