Thrift Shop Buys

In the Philippines "ukay-ukay" is very rampant. In our town people adhered more to an "ukay-ukay" shop rather than a bargain store or "baratilyo". Before I came here I am also a patron of the ukay-ukay madness hehehe. My sister even had a sideline selling those stuffs. She's a business-minded person, er =). She befriended the ukay-ukay owners in our town. Before they'll open new arrival stocks my sis will be there to choose so she will get the good stuff first along with other retailers. Then she will sell it...or "pahulug-hulugan", i.e. 2-3 gives.

Here in the US you can also buy second hand (or even from many hands) good stuffs. There are, among others, garage sales, thrift shops, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc., where you can buy things for the entire house, toys, electronics and clothes at a very affordable prices. I haven't been to a garage sale, SA and goodwill here but i usually check on any thrift shops that we passed by here in our place.

Yesterday, since my sked for work is at 6pm, I volunteered again at the Thrift Shop in a military post with a friend. We were at the stock room putting ticket to newly arrived goods from the donors. So we're the first to open the boxes and segregate the goods which goes to Red Cross for the hurricane victims and be sold at the shop.

While sorting, we saw 2 pairs of curtains. It's still new and no dent or stain whatsoever. My friend asked me if I like it and she will tag it for me for $2.50 a pair. Hehehe why not! It's a good buy and even better than the curtain I bought at the PX store with price higher than those. I took a pic of my thrift shop buy yesterday. And here it is.

A pair of beige voile with embroidered flower design and a pair of beige curtain handpainted w/ a shade of purple, green and grayish brown flower.



geri said...

Bless, I like your curtains! Tom and I are both fans of thrift shops too. Our last buy was an ottoman we were so happy with, it was just the perfect height and size:) Best of all, costs 1/8 if bought brand new haha

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