My Halloween

At my work, we were told to sign up if we want to dress up for the halloween. I opted to say yes coz this is my first halloween here in the US so I might as well have the first experience. And since we are in sales and we move a lot of stuffs we should make sure to have a comfortable costume. It really gave me a headache thinking what halloween costume I would use. I don't want to wear something that is awkward. But alas I was saved by my manager. She said that she bought a kitty kat tail and ears..hehehe..She'll let me wear it. I'll just have to wear an all black attire.

So this morning I was the kitty kat..But my co-worker said that I look like a she-devil hehehe! There were costumers who agreed also that I was the latter. Whatever!! I wore the awful tail and ears from 8am until 4pm..Imagine? 8hours!!! Everytime costumers came in they would say...meowww hahaha very funny!

My pic will be uploaded soon.


It scares me!

First - After I got off from work I called a cab to go home. We pulled off from the mall's parking area to the main street. I was still on the process of putting my seat belt on when suddenly i was lifted from my seat and slammed into the back of the front passenger seat. I was dumbfounded. I saw that the cab and the other car were only inches apart from each other. Huh! Then I realized that we almost had a collision. We had the right of way and the other car from the other side of the mall's parking area is speeding and crossing through every parking spaces without looking and yielding. If it were not for the good reflex of the driver to apply the brakes then we would slam into the other car.

Second - Before turning to the road that leads to our place we will pass by a traffic light. The cab driver is about to merge from the exit and change lane going to the stop light when another car from behind us pick up speed to cut in front of us inorder for her to get ahead of us in the traffic light! She could have bump the right side bumper of the cab where im in. Boy! everybody is speeding at 5 o'clock in the evening!

I really felt the shivers down my spine thinking everything that happened to my ride from work to home today. And to to think it's a hallow day! It's really all a trick for me. Very scary!

Oh Lord! deliver us from all mishaps and evil.



Ghie said...

Silingan can't wait to see the pics, heheheh. I'm sure arang gwapaha nimo adto, unsa mura daw ka og she-devil? hehehe. Sige sige i upload na kanang imong pic, hehehe.

Kuyawa diay sa imong xperience silingan, arang hadloka ba adto, pero salamat na lang sa Ginoo nga ok lang mo.

Pirs unor ko!! nyehehehehe

JO said...

hi Bless, glad to hear that you are safe!

Tess said...

im glad u got home safe Bless! malas naman ng araw mo, puro trick no? ingat ka kabayan! excited nako sa pics!

Che said...

Hi Bless,
Maayo na lang ur safe...Take care dina...

kim said...

can't wait to see those pictures. take care and God bless.

Rhebs said...

Bless, imagine the shiver if you are the one driving that cab. That would have been the worst/dreadful occurrence there is. Watch out. There is a bunch of jack-ass on the road and I hate every one of them!

Dauph said...

Hi Bless can't wait to see your looks with the costume you wore...ipost dayon ha kong naa kay time.

kahadlok ba sa imong na encounter oi mao ako Bless dli ko ganahan mo drive dri sa US kay halos mulupad padagan mga sakyanan dri labi na sa freeway akong tuhod magkurog maski musakay lang ko sa amo sakyanan magsige kog pangadye panguros. Pero unsaon ta man lisod kaayo mabuhi pod dri kong dli ta kamao mo drive mao nga nagplano mi adto nlang mi mamuyo sa pinas puhon og retire sa akong bana kay stuck lagi ko dri pag dri kay mo dli man jud ko mo drive labi pa nagkaphobia nako aning driving. Maayo didto kay sakay lang kog siko or jeepney ok na nako no need to drive by ourselves. Didto sa amoa maski bisiklita dli najud ko mo drive kay tungod as pagdrive nako sa motor namo nga hapit ko nabangga sa poste mga inches nlay kuwang pwert nakong pangurong since ato kaingon kog dli nako mo drive pa pag usab kay mao ra ni akog kalisangan..Pero sige lng basin pa diay someday machange ako hunahuna.
Ok Bless ayo ayo diha! Have a great day!

Raquel said...

Nakow, pirs na naman si mareng Gie.

Oi asa man ang picture, ipakita na ang kamtu-uran bi, excited ko makakita kung unsa imong itsura mare.

Nakaduaw na ba ka didto kang mareng Ethel, naa to didto starring.

Makis said...

There are really days like that & when it starts, it's better to stay put. I bet you were hot on your kitty kat costume :) Enjoy the rest of the week Bless!

geri said...

I like the idea of your costume Bless especially for halloween newbies like us, not too dressed up but still a costume.

That is what I have about driving here, people drive too fast.

Bless said...

OO nga Ger. I really don't have any idea what to wear hehehe bit it's a good thing though that my manager lend me something.

Ay sinabi mo pa! That is also a thing why I'm still apprehensive to drive on my own.

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